Business Strategies
The cobalt concentrates are in the form of cobalt hydroxide powder, the reactions involved are the following:

CoSO4 + MgO+ 𝐻2O ⇌ Co(OH)2( ) + MgSO4

CoSO4 + 2NaOH ⇌ Co(OH)2() + NaSO4(𝑎𝑞)

Care Trade Congo S.A.R.L. through its approved comptoirs (counters) is purchasing mineral ore from artisanal miners and Congolese Small traders, by developing sustainable and conflict-free mineral chains (supply chains for minerals) within the Federation of Congolese Mining Cooperatives.

In partnership with the owners of ore processing plants and metal production plants, Care Trade Congo S.A.R.L. is using the Industrial technic consisting of performing metallurgical work on mineral ore from a company (the shaper) on behalf of Care Trade Congo S.A.R.L.. The final product will return to Care Trade Congo S.A.R.L.
Care Trade Congo S.A.R.L. is now proving:
  • 25% Cobalt Concentrates
  • 99,98% Copper Cathodes
  • 30% Copper Concentrates
  • 50% Zinc Concentrates
  • 70% Tin Concentrates
  • 50% Manganese Concentrates